About Us

Farhana is a wife, mother of twin boys, and a long-time sufferer of fibroids.  After many years of struggling with fibroids, Farhana one day ended up in the emergency room after losing a great amount of blood due to her fibroids.  She was so anemic that she had to undergo a massive blood transfusion.  After this event, she felt she had no option but to undergo a hysterectomy to finally be free from the pain and suffering of fibroids.  After speaking to her sons, who are detoxification specialists and medical students, she learned that there was a another way.  Her sons taught her how to cure herself naturally by giving her a step-by-step protocol to follow.  By following their directions, Farhana was able to shrink her fibroids naturally.

Her success inspired her and her sons to create a Shrink Fibroids Naturally Program, which is the step-by-step approach that Farhana took to get rid of her fibroids naturally.   Farhana's success in healing her fibroids has inspired many around the world to do the same and her Program   is allowing her to spread this message of natural healing to all corners of the world.

Aside from doing one-on-one consultations with women suffering with fibroids, Farhana works as the lead manager of a startup company.

In her free time, she enjoys reading novels, gardening, and watching sporting events on television.  Her favorite fruit include persimmon, pears, and cherries, all of which she grows herself in her backyard.

Fez and his twin brother were the force behind Farhana's healing journey.  They encouraged Farhana to give natural healing a fair chance before considering hysterectomy.  With their help, Farhana was able to shrink her fibroids naturally. The twin brothers graduated from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of California at San Diego (UCSD) with degrees in Biology and Management Science.   They are currently third-year medical students residing in the United States.

Their passion for health grew after having faced their own health challenges growing up.  Having suffered with asthma for many years, they were fed up with taking their asthma medications.  The side effects from the medications had become excessive and they sought for an alternative solution.  Their search for an alternative solution led them into the realm of natural healing.  For many years going forward, they spent time learning from some of the leading health experts from around the world.  Through their knowledge of natural healing and dedicated practice, they were able to overcome their asthma.  To this day they no longer find a need to use their asthma medications and are living life asthma-free.

They had great success in helping their mother, Farhana, shrink her fibroids and they wanted to share this experience with the world.  So they created the most successful Shrink Fibroids Naturally Program available to help other women suffering from fibroids achieve the same.  In their spare time, they enjoy playing basketball and tennis. They also find great joy in traveling around the world whenever given the opportunity.